Basic Concepts

Learn about the basic concepts of TokenScript, which are used for creating a TokenScript.

TokenScript is a framework for JavaScript / WebAssembly and XML markup. In it, several basic concepts come into play: Cards (Action Cards, Activity Cards, Token Cards,), as well as Attributes and Data Objects.

  • TokenScript File
    TokenScript file is an overlay of XML Mark-up and JavaScript.
  • Attributes
    Define attributes so that token data becomes available to Cards and Websites.
  • Card
    Cards are a fundamental part of Tokenscript. They define how the token behaves in the wallet and in web pages. They are the only part of Tokenscript which is visible for the user.
  • Data Objects
    With Data Objects you can add data to a TokenScript. Data objects are in a format that allows efficient signing and onchain storage.
  • Attestation
    An attestation is a cryptographically attested message, by an attestor stating someone have something.
  • TokenScript Syntax
    The most important declarative terms used in the TokenScript XML file
  • MagicLink
    A MagicLink contains some cryptographic data for decentralised actions.
We make tokens smart

Smart Token Labs is the creator of TokenScript and AlphaWallet two open source solutions for a tokenized future.