Products we've built on TokenScript

Brand Connector and Brand Extender both utilise the TokenScript framework to create bridges between Web2 and Web3. They are solutions that showcase the power of TokenScript.

Brand Connector

Brand Connector enables any Web2 site or service to recognise and respond to the tokens held in a user wallet. It creates an activation bridge between Web2 and Web3 for major brand and NFT collections. Brand Connector has been utilised by world renowned digital artist Carla Chan, global skincare brand La Prairie and leading gaming guild Perion DAO.

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Brand Extender

Brand Extender enables top NFT collections and global brands to create brand extensions and brand partnerships through derivatives. Any NFT collection or NFT holder with open IP rights can create fully on-chain derivate NFTs or collections using Brand Extender. It has been used to create the first fully on-chain derivative collection for BAYC and MAYC in partnership with Nifty Tailor.

And is being used by some of the world's most notable fashion and technology brands to create soon to be launched derivative projects.

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Smart Token Labs is the creator of TokenScript and AlphaWallet two open source solutions for a tokenized future.