Introduction to TokenScript

TokenScript is a framework which improves functionality, security and usability of blockchain token in multiple ways.

TokenScript is a JavaScript / XML framework for blockchain token which creates a layer between a blockchain and user devices.

TokenScript allows token issuers and other trusted authorities to enrich a given token with a wide set of information, rules and functionalities. With TokenScript wallets and webservices can easily, securely and privately implement a token with all its functions, both onchain and offchain, without the need to understand the underlying smart contract.

If you are a token issuer, TokenScript allows you to package and deliver the HTML/JavaScript code which is needed to access the token contract. Wallets can run the token as a mini dapp, and websites can integrate its full functionality. You can add any app, information and rules to your token, without the need to care about the restrictions of a smart contract. You can even render the token functionality due to the circumstances and create interoperability with other tokens.

TokenScript addresses the trust, interoperability, privacy and security issues that arises when you need to make your users access your token in their wallets or from a 3rd party website. It creates an environment in which token can be used more securely and more privately, and in which token and other services can easily and securely interoperate without trust problems.