Is TokenScript a standardisation effort?

Is TokenScript a standardisation effort?

TokenScript provides a token layer, which consists of data layer and cards.

The creation of a Token Layer inevitably requires some standardisation, but that is not like ERC20, where the token interface is standardised.

In fact, contrary to ERC20, TokenScript allows any contract interface and any event to be defined, following ERCs or not. You can create a token that is not conforming to ERC20, ERC721 or any known ERCs and write a TokenScript for it, it will work just like the ERC20 tokens, since the TokenScript briefs your wallet or app how to interpret the token. In that sense, TokenScript is a counter token standard as it allow wallets and websites to work with a token without it following a specific token interface ERC. An example of Token that doesn't follow a known ERC is the Line of Credit token in AAVE.

TokenScript however does provide a standard way to build TokenLayer, following the structure laid out by TokenScript. Much of these structures can be built after the smart contract is written, so it generally doesn't affect how a token contract is written, unless the token wish to support higher level security through DvP Security.

For an analogy, token interfaces are like paths. Most websites do have /contact and /about paths, but TokenScript is like HTML which does not require specific path, as long as it is defined and accessible.