The Token Layer

The Token Layer connects the applications (websites) and blockchain

The Token Layer is what we call the general infrastructure and standardisation needed to achieve T.I.P.S., the core requirements of tokenisation.

The Token Layer is for Web3

A TokenLayer sits between a Blockchain and a Web3 websites. It provides token with functionalities which have the level of trust of a blockchain but the user experience of a website. It mediates the inconvenience of blockchain technologies and allows developers to easily integrate the full scope of token based applications.

A TokenLayer is both an infrastructure and standardisation

Speaking of standardisation, take, for example, the process of matching Tokens with Websites that use them: TokenNegotiation, requires a common conversation channel for the website to check what tokens the user has, and for the user to choose the token to use, prove the token's ownership or other information if needed. Furthermore, the way token invoke each other requires a common expression which benefits from standardisation.

On the infrastructure side, a TokenLayer implementation like TokenScript accesses blockchain data on behalf of the token code (in TokenScript files) and the website run the necessary cryptographic proofs plus mathematical gymnastics, provides a private and secure environment to run Token Cards, and provide security features to safe guard user's assets.

Token Layer for the web builders

For a website, a TokenLayer is like a rail that you can "slot-in" blockchain Tokens, similar to how a Payment Rail allows an e-commerce site to on-board users of various credit card and payment methods. However, Tokens can provide more important roles than just payment: They represent any stake in any contractual relationship.

For example: One token can represent a car, another token an insurance, and when taken together, the car can be lend on a website. The borrower gets a third token, which allows him to start the engine for a certain timeframe. Token can become the building blocks of the next web. More about innovative ways to use tokens on websites see

Token Layer for the token Issuers

For a Token Issuer, a TokenLayer can be considered as a pre-packaged distribution channel to make your tokens available to all websites that also uses a TokenLayer. This is vital to token issuer's business model which is directly affected by the token's reach. A TokenLayer solution supports various transaction security features and a packaged user experience. For example, if you issue Car Token to car owners, they will be able to use it on websites to rent their cars out, or access car status and services with that token.