The trouble with Tokens

What's the problem of today's crypto-tokens?

They don't do anything.

Do something ...

Various Tokens

Well, anything besides being bought and sold.

What's the value of a house if it doesn't shelter people? What's the value of a car if it doesn't move?

What's the value of a token if it doesn't function?

Clearly we can't speculate forever.

What can tokens do?


Token represents rights.

How to make tokens do things?

First, they has to be super easy to use. A user should be able to use a token from the wallet or dapp browser.

Then they should be open, interoperable. If your token only works on one website, or one system, you don't need a crypto token. A record in a centralised database will do.

Third, it also has to be secure while used, not only secure while bought and sold.

TokenScript is Designed for such needs. More on this topic can be found in the design paper (look at the navigation bar).